Gifts From The Heart Christmas Shop

About Us
Gifts from the Heart Christmas Shop is a unique partnership between four local nonprofit organizations - Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition (BNDC, parent organization of the DOCK program), Club Esteem, Love INC, and, new for 2017, Family Promise of Brevard.  Each organization serves families who live on the economic margins of our community. During the Christmas season, parents and guardians of children served by the four organizations are offered the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for their children at a greatly reduced and affordable cost at our Gifts from the Heart Christmas Shop. Each gift purchased is, in essence, two gifts – a gift for the child and the gift of joy and an affirmation of dignity for the parent. 

Yet there is still one more gift – the joyful blessing donors to the program receive, knowing that they help not only to make Christmas possible for the children, but made affording Christmas possible for the parents! It is no wonder that the watchwords inspiring the Gifts From the Heart Christmas Shop come from the lips of Jesus himself who said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35b, NIV). 

For more information about the four partner organizations, please see their respective websites: